Disaster comms charity rushes to aid relief work in Colorado flood zone

Disaster Tech Lab, which leads the world in setting up emergency communications, is heading for flood hit Boulder, Colorado, USA to aid relief work. The chaotic scenes resulting in loss of life and waste of resources during disaster relief work can be alleviated by the rapid deployment of communications solutions. Disaster Tech Lab does this through hardware, its customised software, and the effort volunteers who are experts in these areas of technology.

Earlier this year Disaster Tech Lab deployed in Oklahoma, USA after a massive tornado hit Oklahoma City and Moore area. With the huge influx of disaster relief workers into the greater area the need for communications was drastically increased. The organisation helped by providing Internet access and VoIP services for other relief organisations as well as by setting up several public internet facilities complete with laptops and iPads.

In relation to Disaster Tech Labs wider development, work is ongoing to improve operational efficiency and logistics. A big part of this is the creation of pre-packed and pre-configured communications kits. These can be shipped to disaster areas and will be easier and quicker to install. This will shorten the time span between the decision to deploy and the moment networks go live.  The organisation has also established a new staging area in San Antonio (Texas, USA) and plan to establish a second on the US West Coast as well as a third in mainland Europe.

Speaking about this Evert Bopp CEO of Disaster Tech Lab said, ”This is our 3rd deployment in the US within 11 months. While we still have equipment supporting the ongoing effort in Moore, Oklahoma our increased capacity has made it possible to support two different relief efforts simultaneously. This is all thanks to our excellent volunteers as well as Aruba Networks who has been our main equipment sponsor since February 2010. " 

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