Jelly fish mysteries unravelled through stunning visuals on 30,000 mile ocean voyage

Announcing details of 30,000 nautical miles (55,000 km or 35,000 miles) oceanographic expedition to examine the little researched life of gelatinous plankton including jelly fish. The lives of gelatinous plankton are mystery, even to scientists who devote years studying their secretive habits. What is particularly unique about this venture is that will attempt to popularise their science by multimedia broadcasting the visually stunning results of their work. Also they will share their research focusing on gelatinous plankton's importance in the ocean food chain.

Titled Aquatilis Expedition this venture will set sail in 2015 on a three-year journey. It will be lead by Alexander Semenov, a marine biologist and underwater photographer, who's work has featured in the international media already.  The team will be travelling in a 70 ft custom-built, self-sufficient expedition vessel which is fully equipped for long-term navigation through oceans. This epic voyage will be partially financed through crowdfunding and the Aquatilis Expedition team are now calling for support.
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