Indian man to drive self-built solar tuk tuk India to UK demonstrating green transport

Naveen Rabelli announceed today (Monday July 14, 2014) his plan to drive his solar tuk tuk /  autorickshaw from Bangalore, India to London, England. He plans to travel 10,000 km (nearly 6,230 miles) and traverse 10 countries. Naveen's Tuk Tuk-Tejas, will run on solar and electricity and will have 0 emissions. The object of the adventure is to create awareness of a sustainable low cost alternative transport solution for tens of millions of people in Asia and beyond.

Naveen began working on his ‘tuk tuk’ over two years ago which has resulted in a vehicle that can travel 80 km (nearly 50 miles) when charged for eight hours. Also with 5 hours of exposure to the sun, it can run for another 25 km (nearly 16 miles). This has been achieved through many of hours of design and construction work, with a limited budget and the support of local mechanics and body fabricator.

Media enquiries to: Tom Burns

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  1. Great to see diverse media platforms taking note of this brave effort!!


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