Greenland Air Trophy (GAT19) planes landing abandoned USAF WW2 Greenland

Greenland Air Trophy (GAT19) planes landing at Bluie East 2 abandoned USAF WW2 Greenland 28 June 2019 organised by a Belgium company.  This had dramatic landscapes full 1940's rusting abandoned equipment, buildings and hundreds of fuel drums and icebergs. This base has not been visited by civil aircraft in 70 years. There was also a separate flying skills event on 30 June in remote Greenland.

On GAT19 the pilots and aircraft were challenged twice. On there way to Greenland it will be fatigue of concentrating for a long flight, over very cold water, limited fuel and unpredictable weather.  The second challenge is the flying skills/ STOL event at Narsarsuaq (30 June) which involves precision flying-skills using the shortest or more often no runway (and it's pretty hair-raising if not gut-wrenching!).

Teams taking part from Belgium, France, Holland, Iceland, Romania, Switzerland and the UK gathered (23 June) and departed (24 June) from two remote Scottish airports (Wick John O' Groats Airport or Westray airport, Orkney). After the STOL event, some teams will return to Scotland, while others will follow the route to Kuujjuaq, Canada. Crossing the territory of Nunavut and Quebec in Canada’s far North East.