20ft storm waves test new search & rescue boat

On Monday the 6th of January the Celtic Sea was hit by storm 'Christine' which produced very high winds of over 100kph and extremely violent seas. This gave Search & Rescue (SAR) design and manufacture Safehaven Marine the opportunity to fully test and refine their boats seakeeping and engineering in over 20ft / 6m waves. These are the conditions that the boats may one day have to operate safely in with many peoples lives depending on them. The mainly featured vessel in the big waves is our Interceptor 48 Pilot / S.A.R. demonstrator, that we built specifically for these trials.' 

The last few weeks have been exceptionally stormy in the Celtic Sea off Ireland. During these series of storms Safehaven Marine took advantage of the conditions to sea trial two of our vessels. 

Frank Kowalski, the companies managing director commented  "The sea can be a dangerous place, especially so in a storm, but sometimes, to really know how a boat will handle in extremely rough seas, you just have to go out and test her in real life conditions. If you want to know how she will handle surfing down the face of a big 20ft plus wave, you just have to show her that wave, and see how she handles, it’s the only way to know for sure. This way we can be certain that when our boats are in use with future crews worldwide, they can go to sea with confidence, knowing the design has been well and truly tested  for their safety".

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