'Turning Japanese' while waiting there 3 years to fly around the world

Gyrocopter man around the world Norman Surplus is heading back to Japan this weekend for the tenth time. 

While going back and forth over the last three years to the Japan, about three times a year, he us "turning Japanese' in that he has partaken in all sorts of local activities such as:
  • Planting / harvesting rice
  • Making traditional soba noodle
  • Picking cherries
  • Going to the Onsen (Japanese bath house)
  • Making a traditional handmade Tanami mat
  • Picking Walaby (type of Japanese fern) and eating it after treatment
  • Participating in various local festivals

Norman and his gyrocopter are stuck in Japan because the Russians will not let him fly into their Far East airspace - his only route forward!

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