Electric motorbike world speed record broken by Zef Eisenberg

An electric motorbike world speed record has just been broken at Straightliners Land Speed meeting. ultra speed racer Zef Eisenberg is attempting to set world records on a high powered electric. At this event there are a variety of other vehicles in action there. This record is adjudicated and subject to ratification by international automotive ruling body FIM and it is taking place this weekend (21 & 22 Sept.) at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

Zef and his Madamax team are attempting ACU/FIM world speed records a flying quarter, kilometre and mile record on an electric motorbike developed by Nottingham University. He is attempting these records as a tribute to the late Madmax team member Daley Mathison who was set to rider the electric motorbike in the Isle of Man TT Zero race. Sadly and tragically he was killed in a serious crash at the IOM TT in 2019 and never got to ride the electric motorbike. .

While the electric bike is charging Zef will be riding his famous 350hp 'Green Monster' which must achieve an average two-way speed in excess of 217mph, which means peaks speeds must be around 230mph! to set a world record.

One of the other unusual projects going for a record is "Mission 100” which has the aim of designing and building of a record breaking 'streamliner' on the tightest of budgets. It has a 'tiny' 100cc engine, that’s 0.1 litre in car engine size, in motorsport terms. It has the goal of setting various British speed records with minimal a investment, using many recycled parts and a lot of technical know how and skills contribute for free.

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