Turning pollution into profit, saving energy & the planet

Industry and media experts recently spoke about how to turn pollution into profit, saving energy and the planet! We were at a recent event (Nextipedia / BT Young Scientist) in Dublin, Ireland with science rock stars and BBC TV presenters Prof Brian Cox and Ireland's Liz Bonnin. The theme was technology, innovation and carbon neutrality.  Rumour has it Liz Bonnin may replace maker of ground breaking TV nature programmes David Attenborough when he retires!

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Also speaking at the event was Norman Crowley serial entrepreneur and founder of world leading energy efficiency company Crowley Carbon. He told us about the work of his company which is reducing the energy consumption of client companies by 915 megawatts of electric every 12 weeks. That is equal to the electricity needs of 200,000 homes. They have also recently invested in Electricfi which is converting classic cars to electricity and Cool Planet the interactive climate action experience.

Another speaker worth mentioning was Mike Stenson, Global Head of Innovation, Kingspan Irish global. He spoke about how pioneering tech can turn pollution into profit, saving energy and the planet. Specifically Kingspan has partnered with the Ecoalf foundation in Spain to convert discarded plastic bottles into building insulating materials. Through this joint project in three-year partnership, they will remove up to 150 tonnes of plastic waste from the Mediterranean annually

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