Motorised wheelbarrow aims for world speed record & lifting of lockdown spirits

A newly built motorised wheelbarrow, from the home of the World's Fastest Shed, aims to set a new Guinness world speed record. Designer and builder Kevin Nicks also had a larger goal for the project of lifting of peoples spirits during COVID-19 lockdown with this fun if not crazy venture. Built from scratch with no budget and from donated or existing parts Kevin wanted to encourage people to use DIY projects to focus their mind on something positive in theses difficult times.

Kevin a professional horticulturalist based in Oxford, England who is also a bit of a mechanical genius, has just unveiled his latest fun gardening support machine.  'The Barrow of Speed' was created with zero budget in just over two weeks from a donated broken 50cc Honda Scooter and materials that were laying around in his workshop. He is also the designer and builder of the Guinness world record breaking Fastest shed which recently featured on TopGear. As well as aiming to establish a world speed record the project is to give others inspiration during these strange times when money is very tight yet people have time on your hands. Kevin is hoping others will get their tools and make something out of what you have laying around.  This will keep people physically active and should take their mind off the constant COVID-19 news coverage. 

In testing it is easy to control and cornering is simplified because of the articulated footplate at the rear for the driver / rider. Because the Barrow of Speed is so nippy Kevin donned helmet and leathers to ensure Health & Safety was adhered to. 

Speaking about this Kevin said "The Barrow of Speed is unlike any other machine I have ever ridden or driven, it’s difficult to explain, but it adds another dimension to driving. Also I am very aware that there are many people struggling with this lockdown at the moment, so if you are one of those, I did this for you. Why? To raise a smile, to encourage you to do something creative, to repair that garden bench, to paint your shed, to work on your project, to focus your mind on something positive, if you do it will help you get through these bizarre times."

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