English man goes for world record sitting on handle bars doing 109mph wheelie

Jonny Davies aka 'Stunter Jonny', a 28 year old based in County Durham, England made an attempt (15 & 16 Aug. 2020) to set a new Wheelie Guinness world record (GWR) for 'highchair wheelie' speed. The current record is 173kph / 108mph which is measured over 200 metres as per GWR requirements. A 'highchair wheelie' is - putting sitting on the handlebars wheel wheelieing at high speed. 

He was at Elvington Airfield. North Yorkshire, England and his record attempt took place during the Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship & land speed records organised by English motorsports events company Straightliners led by Trevor Duckworth. 

 Jonny did successful runs Saturday (15 Aug 2020) even though there was a head wind and did 101mph over a measured 200 metres. He needs to do the record both ways to meet GWR requirements. On Sunday it rained early in the morning and after drying off, the record attempts began after midday. Jonny set a record 109.228 mph / 175.7854264 kph under the auspices of the UK Timing Association. This world record is subject to ratification by GWR when evidence is submitted as there was no GWR adjudicator present which is standard practise.

Here is just some of the media coverage we achieved for him:


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