Reflecting on the wider value of media coverage

My colleague Jacek Lawrecki working with Mack and Zara Rutherford Flyzolo on their Guinness World Record flights around the world recently publish a Linkedin post about the vast reach of our PR efforts. "65 million people around the world heard of Mack Rutherford and his flight".

The audience numbers are impressive and this level of coverage is great at increasing awareness and understanding of the project. It is worth reflecting on the wider value of media coverage. In many ways it is more effective than paid advertising because it is seen as so it is more credible and trusted more. Other reasons to invest in PR are worth noting:
1. Attracts / helps convince sponsors and or investors.
2. It boosts the motivation of those already invested in the project such as staff, volunteers and supporters.
3. Positions organisations senior managers as thought leaders and go to experts for the media.
4. Helps in retaining and attracting new talent.
5. Boosts relationship with the media to allow an organisation to deal better with a crisis.
6. It is a self fulfilling prophecy as - once you get some high level media coverage you usually get contacted by other media.

If you want to turn your activity into a story for the media let us know.