Will electric planes revive local airports?

A recent report in The Hill talked of electric planes being the new way to connect with small airports. It went further that this and suggest that electric planes could revive and are the future local airports. For many years small aircraft were serving a lot of communities but now have lost that service.

This reminds of a hair raising local flight I took many years ago from Danville, Illinois to Chicago on a local 10 seater service. Probably a Beechcraft King Air where the only thing between you and the pilot was a curtain and everybody had an aisle and window seat! As we approached O'Hare in Chicago, then one of the biggest airports in the world, we were behind a Jumbo which cause some turbulence - it was like riding a bucking bronco. Anyway I digress.

The Hill report this week reported that substantial contracts for hundreds of electric planes have been placed by major airlines in the US. According to United Airlines people will soon “get service they didn’t have, or greater frequency of services.” This is great vote of confidence for electric plane industry, such as Josef Mouris ELECTRON aviation, and for climate change alleviation.

But will it undermine existing sustainable transport services such electric train services? Certainly not in the US where there are very limited train services but maybe in Europe when electric planes eventually arrive there in numbers.