The end of private jets, opportunity for electric planes?

Many private jets park at Geneva Airport Switzerland (photo Worldreach)
I recently saw many private jets parked at Geneva Airport, Switzerland. Not surprising with so many high networth individuals in the country. Their presence brought into sharp focus the recent announcement by Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that it plans to stop private jets and small business planes using its facilities.

The reason they believe is that this luxury form of transport is a noisy nuisance and terrible for the environment. They also believe that those who use them can travel on commercial jets, which are far less polluting per passenger.

Private jets have also become a climate change deniers stick to beat some of the leading global environmental advocates. I'm thinking of the Biden Government Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.

This raises the question is this another opportunity for electric planes and their contribution to furthering the cause of sustainable transport?