Freeing up bank credit for entrepreneurs – it is all in the mind!

Becoming a successful entrepreneur depends more on your mindset than getting access to bank credit.  This is according to serial entrepreneur and Australian Bill Liao, who recently teamed up with to create a new free interactive online course for budding entrepreneurs. The Free course is based on his book Stone Soup and it outlines how a business can literally start something from nothing by having the right attitude and successfully engaging and gaining the support of others.

Specifically, success in business is more about having the right attitude, frame of mind, integrity, principles and values. This may require a change of mindset, approach and behavior. It also requires a focus, in the first instance on the human and social dimensions of a new business, in a context broader than business itself. This will involve focusing not only how to be happy at work, but how to ‘build’ and encourage others. 

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