Disaster relief quick response comms kit put to the test at US Dept. of Defence event

Disaster Tech Lab, the charity which leads the world in setting up emergency communications, is to test its latest quick response communications kit in a US Dept. of Defence event. Historically when disaster strikes thousands of relief workers and their equipment arrive but are faced with little or no local telecommunications support.  This can lead to chaotic scenes resulting in loss of life and waste of resources. Disaster Tech Lab equipment and expert volunteers, allows relief workers to coordinate their work more effectively by giving them access to disaster response specific data, email, internet and Skype.

Disaster Tech Lab, which developed from work carried out during the Haiti earthquake, will be supporting the activities of humanitarian practitioners, technology developers, federal civilians and military personnel.  These include 52 organisations participating in disaster response exercise the Joint Interagency Field Exploration / Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency First Responders (JIFX / RELIEF) that is taking place next week (February 11 - 15) at Camp Roberts, California. Disaster Tech Lab is testing its latest techniques on how to manage large-scale Wifi deployments in disaster zones. Its participation in JIFX will be supported by four US based tech volunteers and its long-term sponsor Aruba Networks.

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