Worlds longest scuba dive record attempt offers many dangers but no toilet breaks!

Hypothermia is among the dangers that will be faced by the man who is attempting to reclaim the world record for the longest open cold salt-water scuba dive. Tuesday next (9th October 2012) in the cold Atlantic on the wild west coast of Ireland Paul Devane, will step into the ocean planning to stay there for 15 hours. For the duration there will be no breaks of any kind – no meals not even a toilet break! 

What sets this dive apart is that it takes place in open sea rather than an aquarium or pool.  In the uncontrolled natural environment and Paul and his support team of divers will be exposed to the elements and a water temperature of less than 15 degrees Celsius. While in the water Paul, a 33-year-old self-employed Irish man, will not be permitted to break the surface of the water for the duration of the attempt.  

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