100,000 volunteers, 5 days, 38 sites - Filipino style nation building

100,000 volunteers in the Philippines will be coming together for five days to build homes, repair schools, health missions and climate change mitigation activities. Considered one of the worlds biggest real-time volunteering event the participants will be working on nation building for the Bayani
Challenge 2013.  This unique national initiative runs from March 23-27 at 37 sites of 33 provinces across the Philippines. 

The activities during Bayani Challenge 2013 include the following:
  • Building an actual home for a family and experience everything from laying the foundation, attaching the roof, painting the walls, and landscaping
  • Creating an environment of fun and learning for children aged 6 to 10 years old through feeding programs, storytelling lessons, games, and a Sports Clinic.    School building is to make public schools conducive to learning by refurbishing rooms, painting walls, landscaping gardens, and repairing tables and chairs. This is in anticipation of school opening in June
  • Planting trees and organizing clean-up drives.
  • Community health activities involving sharing the importance of health by conducting a nutrition program, medical check-ups and health consultations.

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