Chris Hopkinson and nine other Brits to take part in gruelling 3,000 mile cycle 'Race Across America'

Leading UK endurance cyclist Chris Hopkinson and nine Brits will take part in the grueling 3,000 mile cycle Race Across America (RAAM). Facing scorching desert, wind swept plains and cold mountain weather many will also raise thousands of pounds for charities. These endurance cyclist will ride coast to coast from Oceanside, California in the west to Annapolis, Maryland in the east.

The teams and solo racers will stop to sleep only when necessary and will be followed by back up teams and support vehicles. RAAM is an extraordinary race that will test the utmost limits of his physical endurance, mental resilience and commitment to a cause. In its 30-year history only 200 people have completed the solo version of the race, less than 10% of the total amount of people that have climbed mt. Everest.
Chris Hopkinson cycling in California preparing for RAAM 
Chris ‘Hoppo’ Hopkinson (45) of Richmond, North Yorkshire aims to take back the crown of the fastest British finisher. In 2005 he was the first ever Solo British finisher of RAAM in 11 days 23 hours and 5 minutes. He is returning in 2013 after a period of retirement from endurance cycling. Chris is also the current Ultra Marathon Cycling Association 24hr World Champion, having cycled over 432 miles in Bike Sebring, Florida, USA earlier this year.

On June 11th sees the the start of RAAM with the departure of 41 solo racers from UK and many other countries. They will be followed by 35 teams who depart from the Oceanside start line on June 15th

The two other UK solo riders are:
  • Mark Pattinson (based in the US)
  • Stuart Edwards (Plymouth)
The teams from the UK taking part are the following:
  • Crank Addicts 2 team of James Hamand and Jamie Slaymaker.
  • RAAM Fireflies comprising Ben Williams (Southsea), Harold Evans (London), Thomas Bowering (Marlborough) and David Larcombe (Camberley)
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