US pilot aims to be youngest to fly around the world

Jack Wiegand is aiming to be youngest pilot to fly around the world. He arrived in Manila, the Philippines on May 25th 2013.  This is the fifth leg of his journey east after traversing North America, the Atlantic, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.  

Jack Wiegand makes final checks to his aircraft at Fresno Airport, CA, USA

Jack has been working toward this record since his first flight at the age of 13. He left his home in Fresno, California and will head to Japan, the Russian Far East and Alaska.  He piloted his first introductory glider at 13 and on his 14th birthday, he became the youngest pilot in his flying club to solo a glider, At 16, Jack soloed his first single-engine power plane.  He is also supporting two non-profit organisations close to his heart. 

Here is some media coverage of Jack's flight around the world:

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