UK team out of world eco-car race in Australia after accident

The eco-car team representing the UK in the World Solar Challenge in Australia has withdrawn. Tests following post accident repairs "revealed new dynamic instabilities." As these were identified close to the race start (Sunday October 6th) there was not enough time to correct them. "Therefore, with great regret the team, Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) decided to withdraw. The team is very disappointed but we are confident that we have made the right decision."
The CUER eco car immediately after the accident near Darwin, Australia

After sustaining severe damage to their eco-car the CUER team had announced they will still take part in the 3,000 km World Solar challenge in Australia. Their engineering team had worked over night repairing the unique solar powered vehicle.

The accident happened during final stages of testing on Cox Peninsula Road, Darwin by the Cambridge University Eco Driving (CUER) team. Their eco-car which which is named ‘Resolution’ rolled onto its side while driving at 85kph. It travelled for 50m before skidding across the road and down some gravel before coming to rest away from the road.

The driver sustained no injuries and was able to walk away from the accident completely unscathed. This was due to the extensive crash modelling of their carbon fibre monocoque chassis carried out by chief engineer, Peter Mildon. The canopy sustained severe damage and tens of thousands of pounds worth of solar cells on the right of the door were completely wiped out.

The World Solar Challenge organisers had been fully supportive and have extended their scrutineering deadline by 24 hours to give the team time to fix the car. The team believes they will have the vehicle ready in time and are looking forward to the race, despite this unfortunate turn of events.

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