World record for the longest journey in a tuk tuk passed in Peru

Two UK teachers have overtaken the current world record in Peru for the longest journey in a tuk tuk. Richard Sears and Nick Gough have travelled 37,500 km around the world and passed through 37 countries, supporting grassroots education projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Because of ongoing mechanical problems they end up pulling the tuk tuk in Sechura Desert, Northern Peru.

After trying and failing to fix the tuk tuk on numerous occasions in Northern Peru, Rich and Nick were resigned to the fact that they would be unlikely to be able to continue their expedition beyond Lima. So when the tuk tuk broke for the umpteenth time and were only 70km from the world record mark, they decided to push it that way (800kg of tuk tuk, pushed 70km over 3 days). On arrival in Chepen they discovered a mechanic who specialised in our type of vehicle and who managed to fix it! So now they back on the road and aiming for our next goal - covering the circumference of the earth and becoming the first people to drive a tuk tuk around the world. They plan to pass that milestone in Northern Chile next weekend. 

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