Finish of 300 mile England run on the way to Easter Island!

Susie Stephen finished the first phase of her travels (running, cycling & sailing) from the UK to Easter Island. This was the 300 mile run from her home town of Darlington, County Durham to Bursledon, Hamshire, England Wednesday (26 Feb. 2014) where she was greeted by her parents. 

She returns to Hawaii where she lives for recovery before the next phase, cycling across S. America. There is a photo in this batch of her running in Hawaii previously.

Susie's expedition titled "Running after Routledge" has a goal of carrying out an environmental study of Easter island. She will also re-trace the 1914 anthropologicalstudy journey undertaken by Katherine Routledge focused on Polynesia. Susie's planned route across S. America will start from Argentina will take Susie across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to Santiago, Chile. From there, Susie will then sail from Valparaiso out to Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

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