Running, cycling & ferry 8,000+ miles UK to Easter Island

Susie Stephen is aiming to run, cycle and travel by passenger ferry 8,000+ miles from the UK to Easter Island.  Her goal is to carry out an environmental study and re-trace the 1914 anthropological study journey undertaken by Katherine Routledge focused on Polynesia. She will also be raising funds for Aussie charity Pacific Relief.

Susie's expedition titled "Running after Routledge" sees her leave her hometown of Darlington, England and run the 300+ miles to Southampton, England over a period of two weeks. From there Susie will jump on board a boat to South America and travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The planned route from Argentina will take Susie across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to Santiago, Chile. From there, Susie will then sail from Valparaiso out to Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

Running after Routledge has three aims:
  • Retrace sections of a historic voyage, the 1914 Mana Expedition to Easter Island.
  • Study environmental change.
  • Raise funds to purchase a BioMax sewage digester for Rapa Nui.
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