11,000 mile record-breaking walk to Africa will bring clean water to communities

A novel and dangerous way to raise awareness of the lack of safe and clean water in Africa started on March 22nd 2014. It involves the founder of the recently established Long Well Walk charity departing on an 11,000 mile (nearly 18,000km) walk to Africa. The arduous trek, lasting 18 months, will be a world record attempt and traverse 15 countries. The person undertaking this adventure, Liam Garcia, will visit all the projects his charity supports and donate 100% of all public donations raised to the projects.

The Long Well Walk is committed to developing effective, sustainable water and sanitation projects in partnership with local communities. It has several on-going projects across south-eastern Africa, including: Kinyinabo, Bunjakko Island, Uganda; Namavundu, Uganda; Alton Masai, Oldanyati, Kenya. These projects are funded by public donations, 100% of this money will go solely to these life changing projects; The Long Well Walk works in a completely transparent way so it will show exactly how donations are spent and used.

Speaking about the walk Liam said, "Globally, diseases from dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence. With this in mind I came up with a simple if not crazy idea to walk from my hometown of Sheffield to Cape Town. On the way I will raise awareness of the lack of safe and clean water in many of the countries along the way and to raise money to provide sustainable sources for water."

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