222 skydivers from 28 nations in world record attempt above Arizona

222 skydivers from 28 nations attempted to break the FédérationAéronautique Internationale (FAILargest Sequential Freefall Formation World Record. All the skydivers exited from ten aircraft flying in tight formation at 19,000 feet (nearly 5,800 meters) above the Arizona desert in the USA. The skydivers only had approx. 80 seconds from the start time exiting aircraft to separating to open their parachutes. 

They attempted two different formations created on the same dive provided a kaleidoscopic visual in the sky while setting the world record. Each element has its dangers but with 20 years experience and safety taking a priority for the skydivers aka World Team.

This took place on March 28 – April 4, 2014, with preparation skydives starting March 28th and expectations of the record being achieved anytime between April 1-3rd. It all happened at Skydive Arizona in the US.

Here is just some of the media coverage achieved:

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ITN (UK) http://youtu.be/N-iPE_21lUk

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