Retracing 1914 anthropological study to Easter Island from the UK

Susie Stephen is continuing her 8,000+ mile journey, running, cycling and flying from the UK to Easter Island.  

Susie's goal is to carry out an environmental study and re-trace the 1914 anthropological study journey undertaken by Katherine Routledge focused on Polynesia. The bike leg will start on April 12th from Buenos Aires. This is after visiting some of the places the Routledges did 100 years ago and visiting the port where her boat docked.

The next phase is cycling nearly 1,000 miles across S. America where she will challenged by cold and thin air of the Andes and thirst and heat of the desert. She already ran the length of England - 300 miles! 

Susie's plan is to ride for 23-25 days across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to reach Santiago, Chile early May. She will then fly out to Rapa Nui, Easter Island about ten days before the marathon - which is on June 1st. This is all for Australian NGO Pacific Aid.

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