Getting photos about your story into the media

If you want to get photos publish in the media, about your story, they are usually looking for a specific type of photo. The three most important things for the media are:
  • You must try to tell / document the whole story in one photo - a big ask.
  • The photos must be original
  • The photos should be unpublished

Here are some other guidelines in relation to photo contents.
  • Photos need context - clearly show the place and subject matter through signage, a building, a prop, monument or land / cityscape
  • Make the subject stand out with a dramatic background different from the main subject matter - sky, landscape etc
  • People should look natural – not posing lined up like a football team photo
  • Shoot from different angles to make it interesting -  the side, above or below
  • Shoot people close up and from the middle distance.
  • Show peoples faces
  • Illustrate the cultural diversity / difference of the photo location adding interest and context

For more thoughts and guidelines on getting your photos into the media, email