Chasing the Midnight Sun to the arctic in a microlight

Nord Kapp in Norway lies 321 miles above the Arctic Circle, which means that during the summer months it is one of the places you can see the sun above the horizon at midnight.

The aim of 'Chasing the Midnight Sun' adventure is to make the 2,500+ mile flight to Nord Kapp to see the Midnight Sun and have the aircraft positioned on the ground at the beacon there, facing north at Midnight towards the sun. Yes, at midnight the sun is due north!

There is no airfield at the beacon but because the team will be flying a microlight they are hoping to get permission for them to land on the approach road by the beacon.

The beacon at Midnight with the aircraft and crew in the foreground should make a dramatic image that has never been seen before. They believe that no microlight has even landed there and been pictured with the midnight sun.

Of course, this flight will be more than just a trip up to the Arctic circle to see the sun…in fact the return journey will be via a different route than the journey north. They will add another 2,500 miles to the journey giving a flight of 5,000 miles in all, which is quite an undertaking in an aircraft with a 300 mile range! The team will visit 12 different countries…France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland during the adventure.

Although this is a work in progress and all destinations will be carefully chosen, it has already been decided that the they will fly to the Oresund Bridge which links Denmark and Sweden. They may even attempt to allow the aircraft to fly under it are underway. They hope to arrive and do this on the same day as the bridge has the 15th anniversary of its opening.

Another highlight will be the arrival of the team at Santa Claus’s own airport in Finland! Yes, there is a Santa Claus Airport!

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