Project flies low income patients to distant medical facilities

Since 1991, Wings of Mercy has been helping people improve their chances of getting well by facilitating free flights to some of the best medical destinations east of the Rocky Mountains in the US. It is dedicated to connecting pilots with low income patients in need of transportation to distant medical facilities.

Wings around the World is a attempt to fly a light aircraft around the world with the objective of increasing public awareness about and funds for Wings of Mercy. The intention also is to raise awareness of similar private aviation initiatives around the world.

The team will start their flight in June 2015, in the US making frequent stops to support the objective. Initial planned route starts and ends at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Route covers all US states east of Wisconsin then Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, Australia, Philippines, China, Japan and Alaska. finishing with all US states west of Wisconsin (except Hawaii), terminating at the EAA Air Show in 2015

Who is needed:
  • Pilots - 5-6, each to fly about 5,000 miles with Tim Fino
  • Logistics crew - ground based)
  • Safety review crew - ground based
  • Advance planning/route planning - help us determine the actual route and stops!
Wings of Mercy is a non-profit, volunteer organization of pilots who donate the use of their time and airplane.

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