We are working with a range adventures & extreme sport events

Over the next 12 months we will be working with a range adventurers and on extreme sport events. Here is information on some of them.

The Alpen Tour mountain bike race
Austria's skiing Mecca is host to the best mountain bikers. For four days an international selection of top athletes and ambitious hobby bikers competes for fame and glory.  They can also collect UCI points and prize money in the mountains of the beautiful and dramatic Schladming-Dachstein region.

 ‘Jetbike’ speed test to prepare for 400+mph world two-wheeled land speed record

A Brit designed and built ‘Jetbike’ which is being speed tested at Pendine Sands, Wales.  This is to prepare for 400+mph world two-wheeled land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

Solar tuk tuk from Indian to UK for green transport
Bangalore based engineer Naveen Rabelli is planning to drive his self-designed / built solar tuk tuk from his home to the UK. As a result of the launch of this project last year we achieved media coverage across India and the globe.

The Glocknerman cycling marathonThe Glocknerman is an utra bicycle marathon for individuals and teams. It is one of the oldest existing extreme cycling events with start and finish in Graz, Austria. The participants must cycle 1010 km and not only fight for the popular "Glocknerman" title, but also for Ultra Bike Marathon World Champion.

Jet luge world record speed attempt
Australian Daz (The Cowboy) Fellows will attempt to break the Guinness world land speed record for the fastest powered streetluge. His streetluge, a man-sized skateboard, has the added bonus of two jet engines with afterburners creating a ‘jet luge”. Daz hopes to beat the current record of nearly 190 km/h (120mph) by a factor of two+ while using only his feet as breaks! Daz is well prepared for the record through years of stunt work in TV and streetluge in Australia.

The world’s oldest and "toughest" international mountain bike race
The world’s oldest and said to be the toughest international mountain bike race (MTB) is set to take place in the remote far north of Australia. Starting October 18th the ‘Crocodile Trophy’ will see over 100 professional and amateur riders from around the world cycle 900km (nearly 560 miles) - basically nine marathons in a row. The participants will ride nine stages through lush rainforests, dry intense heat of the Outback and mountain trails climbing to 3,000m, finishing on the tropical coast of Queensland.

A finally a skydive world record attempt in the US.

If you want to know more, see photos or video in relation to any of these let us know my emailing worldreachpr@gmail.com