400+mph 'Jet Reaction' jetbike speed test to prepare for world ‘two-wheeled land speed’ record

"586 feet every second, the length of a football pitch in the blink of an eye"

400 miles an hour, 586 feet every second, the length of a football pitch travelled in little more than the blink of an eye.  This is the aim of a British team who plan an assault on the world ‘two-wheeled land speed’ record. Enclosed in a space age body the jetbike, named ‘Jet Reaction’, is uniquely propelled by a specially modified helicopter engine! In anticipation of the world record attempt in the US the team are planning a full powered speed test in the UK in late May (23rd., 24th. & 25th). Conditions permitting, Jet Reaction is expected to challenge a number of UK speed records, during the tests.

Unlike all of the past record holders and many of the current contenders, which are mechanically driven (chain or driveshaft), Jet Reaction uses thrust power provided by a specially modified helicopter. Some of the most advanced technology was used in its design including a Computational Fluid Dynamics study completed by Huddersfield University. Measuring 20ft (6.1m) long the streamliner vehicle is capable of travelling at speeds of up to 450mph driven by a gas turbine engine. Weighing, including fuel and oil, 560KG the power output is boosted by a specially designed afterburner unit.

Richard Brown (50), Oxfordshire, England based in engineer, conceived and built the jetbike. He is no stranger to this technology and similar endeavours as he has designed, built and piloted two similar vehicles going back to the mid 90’s. In fact in 1999 Richard came tantalisingly close to realising his long held dream when he rode his rocket powered creation, the Mach 3 Challenger to an officially recorded speed of 332.887mph. This was the fastest speed ever seen on two wheels at that time. However, unable to complete a return run due to track conditions he had to settle for what might be considered a “Silver Medal” and not the “Gold” of a world record.

Talking about the Jet Reaction project Richard Brown said, "An outright Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM ) land speed record is one of the finest opportunities any team can have to demonstrate engineering innovation, within the rules applied by the relevant governing bodies the challenge is to engineer a superior machine making it the best in the world. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate how a small team of talented individuals without vast financial support can produce a world-class vehicle."

The official world record will take place on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA in September 2015. As part of this build up Jet Reaction will run with three wheels as well as two for the purposes of data acquisition at Pendine Sands, Wales, UK.