Gyrocopter man around the world flew back into UK airspace for 1st time in 5 years!

Gyrocopter man around the world Norman Surplus who recently flew back into GB airspace for the first time in five years!

Together with his gyrocopter, Norman has caused a media stir while recently crossing the US and previously traversed 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia since he started in 2010. While flying across the world Norman crossed forest fires, severe thunderstorms, arid deserts, even a dip in a Thai lake. 

When he reached Japan he hit the Russian bureaucratic wall as they barred him form crossing into their airspace. in 2014 he decided to ship the gyrocopter to the US west coast from where he restarted his sojourn earlier this year.  In addition the long flights over open ocean, for such a short range open cockpit aircraft with limited instruments for guidance, posed extra dangers for Norman.
Norman Surplus & gyrocopter arrives home  Larne, N. Ireland coast Aug 11 2015 (photo John Butler) 
Speaking about his and he can speak at length in an entertaining way Norman said "Great hospitality and local welcomes awaited in many of the stops along the way thanks to our “virtual” ground crew, local people found online in advance and volunteering at each stop to assist in the basics of helping me along the journey to the next stop, rather like a human baton in a relay race."

Norman completed the last leg of his journey when he arrived n Scotland (Stornoway airport) in early August. He flew into Stornoway after a 7,000 mile open cockpit flight across North America and Atlantic via Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Norman then fly on to Oban and then home to Larne, N. Ireland.  The last leg of his journey was a particular challenge because he was exposed to low temperatures and unpredictable weather in the far northern hemisphere. 

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