World wheelie, jet shopping trolley & motorised shed world speed records broken

Unusual automotive  world speed records were established at Straightliners Events Top Speed weekend recently. Theses were:
1. Kevin Nicks (Oxford) and his motorised shed set a world speed record of 88.068mph
2. Kevin Scott (Lincoln) and his monowheel 'Warhorse' set a world record speed of 61.18mph
3. Matt McKeown (Plymouth) on his jet powered shopping trolley set an unofficial world record of 61.18mph
4. Tom Armitage (Leeds) in his 'Postman Pat' van set a world record speed of 107.4mph
At the same event Gary Rothwell (Liverpool) who set a world speed record of 209mph for a motorcycle kilometre wheelie. It is also worth nothing that top speed rider Jack Frost broke a chain at 210mph (pic included) and one armed rider Andy Slade reached nearly 175mph (pic included)

Also at this event a whole range of two and four wheel vehicles were vying for world and Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) records. To establish a record participants had to complete a run in both direction records meeting over a kilometre or a quarter mile. Record ratification and timing was administered by to UK Timing Association (UKTA) for this event.

This Top Speed weekend was organised by Straightliners Events at Elvington Airfield near York, England. Uniquely Straightliners events offer an "open door" policy to motorsport professional and enthusiasts by removing unnecessary red tape. Once potential participants pass official scrutineering they are free to enjoy the top speed and skilled handling events.

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