WAVE Trophy electric vehicle rally - media coverage & participants comments

We have finished the 1,000 mile the WAVE Trophy electric vehicle rally across Europe (Germany, France & Switzerland).  It was an opportunity to put e-motorbikes and e-scooters to the test and get some insight to the experience of travelling across Europe with such bikes.  

The WAVE Trophy is an annual event brings together EV enthusiasts, this year from 10 countries who were travelling 1,000 miles through three countries.  In 2016 it started on June 11th in Bremerhaven (Northern Germany) and 70 teams traveled down through Germany to Alsace, France finishing in Switzerland.  Participants will visit engage with and learn about many sustainable / e-mobility companies along the route. On the way the participants also stop in many towns and cities and  participants had an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about e-bikes, to network and socialise.

Talking about about the WAVE Trophy 2016 here are some comments from some of the participants:

"Electric cars are our future and I will not drive any other car. WAVE Trophy is an inspiration for me. Organiser Louis Palmer has a vision I like to share and support. Let’s go big reaching more and more people"

"It was a fabulous bouquet out of meeting lots of interesting people, being in different kinds of beautiful landscapes, learning many, many new things effortlessly, along the way and - most important - getting an understanding, a grasp of the future world."

"Driving any electric vehicle feels strange at first - especially when it is a motorcycle. No clutch, no gears, no sound other than the wind. After a few hours you get used to it, and then you start enjoying the smooth acceleration. After driving electric you don't really want to go back to any combustion machine. It is simply a matter of time until most bikers will drive electric, and only a few nostalgic veterans and old timers will be seen on the streets in a not so far future."

"Driving with solar energy is a great (the best) experience."

Below is some of the media coverage. Media enquiries to worldreachpr@gmail.com