Snowmobile aims for 200mph / push-bike 120mph in World record bids at Pendine Sands

It is that time of year for Straightliners annual UK, European and World land speed event at Pendine Sands, Wales in mid-May. At this event participants and spectators will see some of the unusual custom built vehicles and some of the most powerful motorbikes in the UK in action.  There even will be a record breaking push-bike in action.

Snowmobile adapted for hard surfaces and high speed

This year the unusual custom built vehicles include a snowmobile retrofitted to run on hard surfaces and a "budget" 100cc streamliner (tiny) both of which will attempt UK and world record later in the year. The streamliner was built on a budget to show you don't need to spend loads of money or have big engines to break records and have fun. The snowmobile engine and related systems have been completely redesigned and rebuilt. It has already done 120mph so far but the team are aiming for 200mph. 

Dave Taylor and his "Budget" 100cc streamliner 

For a less noise record British push bike speed record holder Neil Campbell will be in action who did 114mph at the same event last year. In his unusual set up of riding behind a car Neil will be going for "motor paced cycle land speed record".  

Straightliners Pendine event is the European version of the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA speed record meeting but without the very high cost of getting there for Europeans. 
What: Straightliners Pendine land speed records and racing\
When:  From 11am 13th & 14th May 2017
Where: Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

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