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Middle East Peace Tour cycling Jordan, Israel & Palestinian Territories for peace

The Middle East Peace Tour (MEPT) cycling Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories for peace. The pre-event was to give riders and journalists a chance to test and get an insight to the 600 km multi-country UCI stage race in the Middle East.

The riders started MEPT pre-event when they met and had a short ride with Jordanian cyclist at the Roman Amithreatre in the centre of Amman. The next day they got a real taste of the MEPT when they cycled 60km through the hot arid but amazing landscape from central Jordan to Petra. They finished near Petra town greeted by local children.

The next part of the Tour the cyclists faced a 65km ride through the dry arid landscape of Negev Desert and the Makhtesh Ramon crater on the way from Eilat to Mitzpe Ramon in Israel. They were joined by Israeli cyclist and Austrian Ambassador to Israel an enthusiastic cyclist Martin Weiss. They finished their ride at the dramatic location 500m up on the craters edge.

The riders finished the Tour with a 55km cycle from Nevi Zohar in Israel to Jericho in the Palestinian Territories where the met officials and cyclist.  They then had a short ride into Jericho with local cyclist.

Along the way the MEPT pre-event participants met cycling federations and other officials from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. All expressed enthusiastic support for METP and pre-event participants were treated and greeted fantastically by all.

MEPT riders started pre-event with a short ride with Jordanian cyclist at the Roman Amithreatre in the centre of Amman

The inaugural “Middle East Cycling Tour for Peace“ (MEPT) which will travel through Jordan and Israel.  It is recognised by International Cycling Federation / Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)*. MEPT will be the only a seven-day, 600 km multi-country UCI stage race in the Middle East and is hoping to attract riders from across the Middle East. The objective is to have an event which promotes peace through the participation of cyclists from many countries including Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The pre-event will start in Amman Monday (24. April 2017) and finish in Jerusalem  (27 April 2017) with a group of riders taking on different parts of the route.

MEPT will start in Jordan with a stage in the capital Amman.  From there it will travel to the historical city of Petra famous for its rock-cut architecture and then to Aqaba at the Red Sea. After a stage in Taba in Egypt’s Sinai the race heads to Israel with stages in the popular resort Eilat, the unique Mitzpe Ramon crater, Neve Zohar and Jerusalem. In the ultimate stage the riders will travel through the West Bank.

The pre-event tour took place from the 24th – 27th of April 2017 following the exact route the inaugural event will follow in 2018. The organisers in cooperation with the participating governments saw professional cyclists. the media and sponsors to take part and ride part of the route. The pre-event followed the same time schedule and procedure as the planned event itself. 

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