Short take off & landing event in Greenland after adventure flight across Nth Atlantic

The 'Greenland Air Trophy' (GAT19) which includes a short take off & landing (STOL) event  take place from the 24th to 30th June. For the teams taking part, getting there land hopping across the wild north Atlantic in small aircraft, maybe more dangerous than the STOL event. This will be one of the Worlds most unique aviation events.

Sam Rutherford - Greenland Air Trophy organiser & leader at a dramatic stop off location

The pilots and aircraft will be challenged twice. On there way to Greenland, via the Faroes and Iceland, it will be fatigue of concentrating for a long flight, over very cold water, limited fuel and unpredictable weather.  The second challenge is the STOL event at Narsarsuaq (30 June) which involves precision flying-skills using the shortest or more often no runway (and it's pretty hair-raising if not gut-wrenching!). As part of the event the pilots will also fly over and land on 28th June at remote locations of some old WWII US Air force bases not often visited by civil aircraft since the 40s.

Teams taking part from Belgium, France, Holland, Iceland, Romania, Switzerland and the UK will gather (23 June) and depart (24 June) from two remote Scottish airports (Wick John O' Groats Airport or Westray airport, Orkney). After the STOL competition, some teams will return to Scotland, while others will follow the route to Kuujjuaq, Canada. Crossing the territory of Nunavut and Quebec in Canada’s far North East.

What: 'Greenland Air Trophy' STOL
When: 24th to 30th June 2019 depending on weather conditions and technical issues arising

The Greenland Air Trophy is organised by VintageAirRally which organises you unique aviation competitions and events around the world.


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