Fastest Shed comes to NW Wales for world speed record

The Fastest Shed will be attempting to set a world speed record Llanbedr Airfield, Gwynedd in mid-July (link to photo & video below). It will be appearing with a whole range some of the most powerful street bikes and modified cars for Straightliners Speed Sprint' (SSS). SSS is bringing 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile top speed land speed to north west Wales for the first time ever.

Here are some of the details:
1. There will be classes for all types of bikes and cars with awards at each event for the fastest in each class
2. There will also be UK Timing Association (UKTA) 1/2 mile records for the classes and a best overall speed award for cars and bikes for the year

All attempts were officially timed and record by the UKTA and the rider / driver gets a timing ticket. This means they can now be submitted to world speed record adjudicating bodies such as FIM or Guinness World records. Straightliners runs over 40 open motorsports events around the UK to encourage non-professional riders to have a go. Typical of this is SSS.  To take part you need a driving licence, pass scrutineering, one-piece riding letters and wear a helmet when racing. 

It is all happening at Llanbedr airfield AKA Snowdonia Aerospace Centr, Llanbedr, Gwynedd LL45 2PX, Wales