Norman Surplus pilots the first gyrcopter to fly around the world

The first gyrcopter to fly around the world finished at the weekend flown by Norman Surplus originally from N. Ireland originally started there in 2010 heading east flying down the UK and across Europe. 

He arrived back in the US west coast at the weekend (June 28) after crossing the remote wilderness of the Russian Far East and the dangerous Bering Sea, Alaska, Canada and Oregon in the US. This flight means adventurer Norman has completed the last leg of the flight around the world in this 13 year old open cockpit very basic aircraft. 

After the original start Norman flew across the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent and SE Asia crossing 27 countries. He got stuck in Japan in 2010 as Russian authorities would not allow his unusual aircraft into their airspace so he could not cross the Bering Sea.  Up to then he two emergency landings and a ditching in a lake in SE Asia, 130 stops crossing three continents, covering in total in excess of 27,000 miles (including 4,500 miles over water). Norman started his adventure after recovering from an near death experience with cancer. 

After three years wait travelling back and forth to Japan in 2015 Norman shipped the gyrocopter to Oregon.  From there he flew across America up to Canada with regular stops - aircraft range 6 to 700 miles. Then he crossed the wild and dangerous North Atlantic island hopping via Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and home to N. Ireland. The final leg he just completed - Russia and the Bering Sea, Alaska and Canada.