Monday, 23 June 2014

1,000s of jugglers from across the globe gather for circus arts convention

What: The world’s largest juggling and circus arts event the 'European Juggling Convention' (EJC) which takes place mid-July. It not only attracts thousands of jugglers it also sees the arrival of large numbers of aerial acrobats from all over the world. In fact EJC attracts worlds most talented and respected circus and juggling artists who will arrive from the USA, Australia, Germany, the UK, France, Argentina, New Zealand. 

The week long event will feature the 'Juggling Legends' who have gained their reputation through amazing and beautiful performances or groundbreaking ideas. A number have writing books and do unbelievable tricks and slick routines.  EJC events also include:
  • ‘Juggling Olympics’, the circus skills games some activities involving significant skill, such as 5-ball or 7-ball endurance juggling
  • A full scale circus show hosted every evening
  • Workshops and master classes from circus artists and jugglers of international renown 
  • A monster parade of of attendees to show of their skills to the local community
When: 19th to the 26th July 2014

Where: Green Glens Arena, Millstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland


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 Tom Burns

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Brit ends 8,000 mile environ trip to Easter Island running & cycling part of the way

Susie Stephen has completed her 8,000 mile journey running (the UK), cycling (S. America) and flying in between from the UK to Easter Island. The finish will be a marathon size run on the Easter Island. 
Susie had the goal of carrying out an environmental study and re-trace the 1914 anthropological study journey undertaken by Katherine Routledge focused on Polynesia. 

After running much of the length (800 miles) of the England followed by a flight to Argentina to cycle nearly 1,000 miles across S. America.  There she was challenged by cold and thin air of the Andes and thirst and heat of the high desert.

Susie is an environmental scientist, marathon runner and yogi and has already and is carrying environmental research on her trip. She is a real internationalist as she lives in Hawaii, was born and brought up in the UK and went to college in Colorado, USA.

You can view a video of her in S. America here

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