Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Aussie could ride jet board up to 500 km/h. in world record attempt

Australian Daz (The Cowboy) Fellows announced details of his attempt to break the Guinness world land speed record for the fastest powered streetluge. His streetluge, a man-sized skateboard, has the added bonus of two jet engines with afterburners creating a ‘jet luge”. Daz hopes to beat the current record of nearly 190 km/h (120mph) by a factor of two+ while using only his feet as breaks! Daz is well prepared for the record through years of stunt work in TV and streetluge in Australia. He made the announcement in Windsor, NSW on May 26th, 2014.

Daz, who has prepared for the record attempt through 17 years of street luge, will be riding a body hugging aerodynamic custom-built carbon fibre luge. It was designed and assembled by him working in conjunction with his team, which involved hundreds of hours of design and testing.  They have spent the last 18 months building the board from scratch with Daz spending over Aus$70,0000 of his money on the venture.

Daz’s record attempt will be done in the cooler months of the Australian Winter between April and August 2015. This is to help keep running temperatures down and maximise thrust output. His jet luge is 2998mm (9.84ft) long from nose to tail on which Daz attached afterburners to increase the power by up to 44%. In fact his 12 wheel jet powered luge has the power to travel at speeds of up to 500 km/h.  His unusual ground-hugging mode of transport can only be stopped by him dragging his feet!

Speaking about his record attempt Daz said ”I want to inspire, educate and encourage people of all ages to chase their dreams, push personnel limits. I am also supporting Westmead Children’s hospital. In risking mine, hopefully I can raise funds to help save many young lives. Without the help of the Westmead Children’s Hospital many years ago I wouldn't be here today.“

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jelly fish mysteries unravelled through stunning visuals on 30,000 mile ocean voyage

Announcing details of 30,000 nautical miles (55,000 km or 35,000 miles) oceanographic expedition to examine the little researched life of gelatinous plankton including jelly fish. The lives of gelatinous plankton are mystery, even to scientists who devote years studying their secretive habits. What is particularly unique about this venture is that will attempt to popularise their science by multimedia broadcasting the visually stunning results of their work. Also they will share their research focusing on gelatinous plankton's importance in the ocean food chain.

Titled Aquatilis Expedition this venture will set sail in 2015 on a three-year journey. It will be lead by Alexander Semenov, a marine biologist and underwater photographer, who's work has featured in the international media already.  The team will be travelling in a 70 ft custom-built, self-sufficient expedition vessel which is fully equipped for long-term navigation through oceans. This epic voyage will be partially financed through crowdfunding and the Aquatilis Expedition team are now calling for support.
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