Sunday, 18 September 2016

Drag bike new accelerating FIM world record / first woman to do a kilometre wheelie - 153mph

Ian King riding the "Gulf oil Top Fuel Drag Bike" established a new two-way Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme / International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) world record on 18th. September 2016.  This took part at Straighteners 'Top Speed weekend fiat Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England.  Ian's record was for standing start 1/4 mile in the FIM class "Partially Streamlined 1350cc to 1600CC class". His two way average of 9.5215secs on the 1500hp Puma Engineering bike. 

Kimberly Davey Schijven became the first woman rider to complete a kilometre wheelie. Kimberly, from the Netherlands, was so close at the August Wheelie weekend and finally put together a string of successful attempts ending with a best of 153mph.
Ian King and his 'Gulf Oil Top Fuel Dragbike' (photo Phil Evans)

The 'Gulf Oil Top Fuel Dragbike' is said to be one of the fastest accelerating motorbikes in the world Ian describes as the "fastest motorcycle outside of the USA from a standing start." Speaking bout it Ian also says it will out accelerate most vehicles from a standing start including all Formula One cars and even Thrust SSC and F15 Jet Fighter planes. The 'Gulf Oil Top Fuel Dragbike' is approximately 50% more powerful than a Formula One Car. 

Also in action over the weekend are 'funny vehicles going for world speed records'.  
  • The 'Fastest Shed' in the world driven by Kevin Knicks form Oxfordshire
  • 'Silver bullet' high powered sled ridden by Trevor Duckworth the Straightliners top man and 72 year old grandad with 30 UK and world record under his belt
  • Monowheel  'Atomic Infinity' ridden by Tom Anabel
  • Jet powered shopping trolley driven by McKeown, Portsmouth

These are in addition to a range of conventional high powered bikes and other four wheel vehicles going for UK and world records.

Straightliners s affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and the International Organisation of Professional Drivers (IOPD). Rider participation including record ratification and timing is administered by to UK Timing Association (UKTA).  Both Straightliners and UKTA were set up by renowned motorcycle racer Trevor Duckworth.  

Here is some media coverage about this event

Monday, 12 September 2016

Solar electric tuk tuk travelling 1000's of km overland from India to Europe to promote sustainable transport

Naveen's "Tuk Tuk-Tejas", which he designed, built and tested over four years, runs on solar and electricity power and has 0 emissions. Travelling at a pace of around 100 km per day, Naveen plans to complete the 8,800 km to Europe in about 100 days. The object of the adventure is to create awareness of electric vehicles and solar stmillions of people in Asia and beyond.

An Indian man's self designed and built solar electric tuk tuk is travelling thousands of kilometres from India to the UK. Auto engineer Naveen Rabelli set off from Bangalore with his solar electric creation arrived in the UK ion the 12th of September.

Naveen Rabelli with his solar tuk tuk at the seafront at Dover, England. (Photo Gordon Foat)

Naveen began fully testing the his vehicle in July 2015. After travelling though India the solar electric tuk tuk was shipped to Bandar Abbas, Iran where his overland journey started in earnest. From there he drove through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France. He hopes his project which will eventually reach London, enhances knowledge about the practical application of solar electric transport. In support of this, Naveen plans to publish a paper to share his experiences and learning online so that people can use the data he is collecting. The goals of this project is to not only create awareness of alternative mobility solutions for passenger vehicles in Asia and Europe it is also to:

Show the benefits of using a solar electric mobility solution and to demonstrate that they are affordable.
  • Practically demonstrate a solar electric prototype that is reliable technology
  • Promote the use of electric vehicles as way to reduce the impact of climate change
  • To connect with people along the way who are working towards sustainable living solutions.
  • To showcase an entirely Indian solution to the world.Speaking about his adventure Naveen said "Four years ago, the idea for solar tuk tuk came to me. I was with a friend in India stuck in traffic, surrounded by countless noisy, air-polluting tuk tuks. So we decided to do something about it and the idea of converting a fuel-based tuk tuk to renewable energy sources was born."

Here is some of the media coverage about this

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Greeting card mosaic world record brings serious message of international student commitment to reducing CO2 emissions

Over 50,000 cards will used to form the world's largest greeting card mosaic breaking a world record.  But this event has a serious message  delivered by students from around the world - a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions. 

The cards will go one further by forming the letters ’1.5C’ to draw attention to the importance of this global warming target, set as part of the Paris Agreement on climate change in December 2015. They will be displayed  at the Formula E event on the 11th of November 2016 in Marrakesh.  There will be 40 electric vehicle (EV) people there from various countries including Morocco and their EVs.  There will also be school children present. Louis Palmer the organiser of this event and founder of the worlds biggest EV rally the Wave Trophy will be available of interview - head speaks French, German and English.

The 50,000 cards will be double the current world record for the world's largest greeting card mosaic which now stands at 24,000 cards! This all takes place at the Formula E meeting in Marrakesh ePrix 12th November 2016. Formula E, officially the FIA Formula E Championship, is a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars.

Earlier this year WAVE Earth was launched - an education initiative of WAVE Trophy the worlds biggest electric vehicle (EV) rally.  Its goal was to get school students from around the world to write pledge cards with a commitment to reduce their CO2 emissions.  These were collected by local EVs in 24 countries and from there, they were sent / delivered to WAVE Earth HQ in Switzerland.

What: Officially unveiling of ’1.5C’ world record greeting card mosaic
When: 13.30 on the 11th of November 2016
Where: Circuit International Automobile Moulay El Hassan, Agdal district, Marrakesh, Morocco

Louis Palmer is founder of WAVE earth and the WAVE Trophy. He is holder of the UN Environmental Programme “Champion of the Earth Award“ for driving two times around the world in solar powered vehicles. 

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