Friday, 3 November 2017

Netflix automotive TV series the "Grand Tour' team get in UK national newspapers

Working with automotive photographer Steve McDonald we were able to place his photographs in many of the main national newspapers - paper & online - in the UK.  This happened through working with a news / photo agency.  These were pictures of the team from the international Netflix automotive TV series the "Grand Tour' filming their participation in a national powerboat race event.

Media coverage

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Daily Star

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Rescheduling the date of the “Middle East Peace Tour” – Cycling Stage Race

The first edition of the Middle East Peace Tour (MEPT) will take place in March 2019. 

Originally the cycling stage race had been scheduled for 9. -15. March 2018 with the start in Amman – Petra – Aqaba – Eilat – Mitzpe Ramon – Neve Zohar – Jericho and finishing in Jerusalem.

Organizer Gerhard Schönbacher explains the decision as follows.
"We have been working on the practical implementation of the multi-day race with a lot of enthusiasm for four years. However, we have encountered more hurdles than originally expected. For a project of this magnitude a lot of things only reveal themselves once you start working on the detailed processes. The current implementation phase has resulted in a few milestones taking longer to complete than originally planned and those can only be resolved on-site. Over the next few days I will be traveling to the Middle East again to do exactly that.

"We will be able to cross those hurdles together with the support of local authorities. We are certain that everything will fall into place smoothly for 2019 and that we will be able to deliver a perfectly organised race for all athletes and supporters. This idea of a transnational project for peace deserves nothing less! We have 18 months to get our processes on location back on track and are hoping to set a world-wide example for peace. 

"In conclusion I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive encouragement, which we have received already. We have numerous registrations already, which shows that our idea has been embraced by the international sports and cycling communities. The participants have already been informed of the date change and we've had a good number of replies with confirmations of interest for 2019 already."

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

On a back wheel @ 210mph+ for a kilometre - Wheelie World Championship

It is that time again for the Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship. To remind you the rider that travels the fastest, over 210MPH, for a kilometre wheelie wins. The 2016 winner Egbert van Popta. (Holland) did 213 MPH. It is atElvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England on Aug. 19th and 20th.

Up to 30 top competitors from the USA, UK, France, Holland and Ireland will be competing for the world title. Success depends on exclusively the rider’s high-level skill, which is used to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle. This is no mean feat as some of these retro fitted machines are the most powerful in the world.

Also at this event will be the Worlds first Official Monowheel Exhibition which is the biggest selection of hand-built mono wheel monocycles. These unique machines will be on display and ridden all weekend at the Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship.

In addition the 'Fastest Shed' in the world will stop off during its attempt a establishing a world record driving from Lands End to John O'Groats and back.

View photos wheelie, monowheel and Fastest Shed photo here

View a video of the 2016 winner of the Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship who did 213mph kilometre wheelie

The participants will ride very powerful customised motorbikes with some rated at 450 horsepower if turbo charged viewed by thousands of spectators. The winner and world record holder will be the fastest to complete a kilometre in the wheelie position. Success depends on the rider’s high level skill to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle as no electronic or mechanical aids can be used.

The World Wheelie Championship is organised by Straightliners and takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England. Straightliners is affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and the International Organisation of Professional Drivers (IOPD). Rider participation including record ratification and timing is administered by to UK Timing Association (UKTA). Both Straightliners and UKTA were set up by renowned motorcycle racer Trevor Duckworth.

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Flaming dragracer photos at Sata Pod drag racing venue in UK media

Working with automotive photographer Dunk Roes we were able to place his photographs in many of the main national newspapers - paper & online - in the UK.  This happened through working with a news / photo agency. These were of flaming dragracer photos at Santa Pod drag racing venue

Some media coverage

Daily Mirror

Daily Telegraph

Saturday, 17 June 2017

115 teams start the worlds biggest electric vehicle rally - the WAVE Trophy

The 115 electric vehicle teams assembled in central Zurich, Switzerland for the start of the worlds biggest electric vehicle rally the WAVE Trophy. They were divided into five groups with 20 - 25 teams in each group  There were teams from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Norway, Holland, France, Liechtenstein, Romania and Morocco. For the last three countries it is the first time the have been represented on the WAVE. 

The Teams will travelling 1,600km through some of the most dramatic scenery in Switzerland competing for various trophies, meeting environmental projects and promoting EV / sustainable transport on the 53 cities and towns they will stop from the 9th to the 17th of June.

Here is some media coverage about this:

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New World sand speed records were established @ Straighteners Pendine Sands

Straightliners world / British sand speed record event at Pendine Sands, South Wales at the weekend 13th and 14th May 2017.

Record breaker Helen Lincoln Smith gets to the startline  

40 riders and driving were competing over two days and came from all over the UK with teams from France and Holland also. Sand conditions were different each day with soft sand on the first day Saturday 13th May 2017 which meant vehicles were more difficult to steer due to shifting sand. The sand was firm on day two but a crossed wind effected performance. 

Kevin Nicks, Oxford driving his self–designed and built fastest shed in the world establish a world record for the fastest shed on sand reaching 78.965mph.

Tom Anable, Lincolnshire driving his self–designed and built monowheel set a new world record for a monowheel on sand reaching 44.646mph. He already establish a record in 2015 of 43.486mph

Helen Lincoln Smith, York riding a 600cc Honda set a new world record of the fastest woman on sand of 137.093mph

All speeds are from a standing start and over a mile and were timed by the British Timing Association.

Media enquiries to  Here is some media coverage about the event.

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UK local newspapers

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Middle East Peace Tour cycling Jordan, Israel & Palestinian Territories for peace

The Middle East Peace Tour (MEPT) cycling Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories for peace. The pre-event was to give riders and journalists a chance to test and get an insight to the 600 km multi-country UCI stage race in the Middle East.

The riders started MEPT pre-event when they met and had a short ride with Jordanian cyclist at the Roman Amithreatre in the centre of Amman. The next day they got a real taste of the MEPT when they cycled 60km through the hot arid but amazing landscape from central Jordan to Petra. They finished near Petra town greeted by local children.

The next part of the Tour the cyclists faced a 65km ride through the dry arid landscape of Negev Desert and the Makhtesh Ramon crater on the way from Eilat to Mitzpe Ramon in Israel. They were joined by Israeli cyclist and Austrian Ambassador to Israel an enthusiastic cyclist Martin Weiss. They finished their ride at the dramatic location 500m up on the craters edge.

The riders finished the Tour with a 55km cycle from Nevi Zohar in Israel to Jericho in the Palestinian Territories where the met officials and cyclist.  They then had a short ride into Jericho with local cyclist.

Along the way the MEPT pre-event participants met cycling federations and other officials from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. All expressed enthusiastic support for METP and pre-event participants were treated and greeted fantastically by all.

MEPT riders started pre-event with a short ride with Jordanian cyclist at the Roman Amithreatre in the centre of Amman

The inaugural “Middle East Cycling Tour for Peace“ (MEPT) which will travel through Jordan and Israel.  It is recognised by International Cycling Federation / Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)*. MEPT will be the only a seven-day, 600 km multi-country UCI stage race in the Middle East and is hoping to attract riders from across the Middle East. The objective is to have an event which promotes peace through the participation of cyclists from many countries including Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The pre-event will start in Amman Monday (24. April 2017) and finish in Jerusalem  (27 April 2017) with a group of riders taking on different parts of the route.

MEPT will start in Jordan with a stage in the capital Amman.  From there it will travel to the historical city of Petra famous for its rock-cut architecture and then to Aqaba at the Red Sea. After a stage in Taba in Egypt’s Sinai the race heads to Israel with stages in the popular resort Eilat, the unique Mitzpe Ramon crater, Neve Zohar and Jerusalem. In the ultimate stage the riders will travel through the West Bank.

The pre-event tour took place from the 24th – 27th of April 2017 following the exact route the inaugural event will follow in 2018. The organisers in cooperation with the participating governments saw professional cyclists. the media and sponsors to take part and ride part of the route. The pre-event followed the same time schedule and procedure as the planned event itself. 

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Endurance cyclist Jacob Zurl world record non-stop cycle across Cuba

Austrian endurance cyclist Jacob Zurl completed a world record establishing non-stop cycle across Cuba in April 2017.  Here is some details and a quote from Jacob.

Wednesday 19 April at 12.00 (7am local time) Jacob starts at Punta de Maisi accompanied by a support car, a rescue vehicle and several police cars. All times ate British Summer Time (BST)
18:34  The countdown is on! We have just received the first message from Jacob. After 4.5 hours he is approaching Guantanamo. Weather - pouring rain.
21:51  The support vehicle gets a flat tire
23:16  Jacob is between Santiago and Holguin and has been  9,5 hours on the road, including four hours in the rain. There was a small time loss of 20 minutes due to a necessary maintenance on his brakes. The team is soaked, but in a good mood.

Thursday 20 April  9.00 Meanwhile the sun has also risen in Cuba. The rain stopped at night. Jacob has been on the road for more than 24 hours and is currently about 40km from Ciego de Avila. He has not slept and is fighting tiredness.
17.23 After 27 hours, Jacob is nearly half way there without sleeping. As his muscles are hurting he makes two short stops for a massage. Its is 26 ° C and humid.
21.00 After 32 hours cycling Jacob still has not slept and is on schedule. He just after Santa Clara with a temperature of 29 ° C.

Friday 21 April  8.00 Jacob is struggling. After about 39 hours the tiredness hast increased and is nodding off and having some hallucinations. The support teams helps him with loud music and encouraging. He is still on schedule.
9am Currently, Jacob is located 1,100km south of Havana. Local time 3 o'clock. The road surface is bad so handlebar is coning loss regularly.
12.30 pm Jacob is on the "home straight"and he has had two short sleeping stops. He is a bit behind in the schedule.
19.00  Things are getting very hard for Jacob. He had to vomit but now feels better. There are still 140km to the finish line.
Jacob finishes 23.19 (local time 18:19) at Cabo de San Antonio after 58h 48min in the saddle.

Speaking aout the record Jacob said:
"I am extremely grateful that I finally finished this project. I did not once think about giving up. Because my parents and my girlfriend have spend their time, the Cuban ambassador in Austria, the Cuban government with the institutions of the Ministry of Sport, the friendship of the peoples and the cycling association gave me their confidence. The most difficult moment was when I got hallucinations in the second night and I have fallen into micro-sleeps again and again. weather has been extremely demanding. There was everything from pouring rain to extreme heat.  I am overwhelmed by the participation and support of the Cuban people in my island traverse. The continuous ambulance and police guidance was great. The next project is still written in the stars. Now it's time to relax and enjoy Cuba"

Here is media coverage about this

24 April 2017 


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Snowmobile aims for 200mph / push-bike 120mph in World record bids at Pendine Sands

It is that time of year for Straightliners annual UK, European and World land speed event at Pendine Sands, Wales in mid-May. At this event participants and spectators will see some of the unusual custom built vehicles and some of the most powerful motorbikes in the UK in action.  There even will be a record breaking push-bike in action.

Snowmobile adapted for hard surfaces and high speed

This year the unusual custom built vehicles include a snowmobile retrofitted to run on hard surfaces and a "budget" 100cc streamliner (tiny) both of which will attempt UK and world record later in the year. The streamliner was built on a budget to show you don't need to spend loads of money or have big engines to break records and have fun. The snowmobile engine and related systems have been completely redesigned and rebuilt. It has already done 120mph so far but the team are aiming for 200mph. 

Dave Taylor and his "Budget" 100cc streamliner 

For a less noise record British push bike speed record holder Neil Campbell will be in action who did 114mph at the same event last year. In his unusual set up of riding behind a car Neil will be going for "motor paced cycle land speed record".  

Straightliners Pendine event is the European version of the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA speed record meeting but without the very high cost of getting there for Europeans. 
What: Straightliners Pendine land speed records and racing\
When:  From 11am 13th & 14th May 2017
Where: Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

600 riders, 20 nationalities - biggest UCI stage race for mountainbikers in the world!

The Belgian Mountainbike Challenge (BeMC) has 600 professional and serious amateur riders from 20 countries taking part. It is the biggest UCI stage race for individual mountainbikers in the world and will see 2016 world world champions participating including Tiago Ferreira, UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Champion and Sally Bigham European Mountain Bike Marathon Champion. The BeMC stands out with a great atmosphere, combined with a tough and demanding course. This makes it one of the most popular mountain bike events in Europe as a result it has doubled in size since it started six years ago.

BeMC is a International Cycling Federation / Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) accredit event and one of the hardest mountainbike races in Europe. As a UCI XCS class 1 status it is one of only four similar races around the world. Over three days, from the 12th to the 14th May, it covers 260 Km / 8,000 altitude metres in La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium.

Here is some coverage about this: