Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Super fast cyclist & modified car crews, team up for world speed record attempts in 2019

Wolverhampton's Andy Frost's Red Victor record breaking modified street car team  is partnering with European cycling speed record (149mph) holder Neil Campbell to shake up the world speed records. They will reveal their plans, on the 28th December 2018 in Wolverhampton, to set new world speeds.

Andy driving Red Victor as the pace car for Neil's world record, currently 183mph, in an attempt in mid 2019. Separately Red Victor 3 will attempt to break the prestigious flying mile and standing mile world records within the same event. Neil plans to break 183mph cycling land speed world record and Andy has the world's Fastest Street Legal Drag Car crown in his sights. Their partnership will involve

Andy, a mechanic and drag racer with his team conceived and built Victor 3, Europe's Fastest Street Legal Drag Race Car. It is the latest in a line of street legal cars named 'Red Victor'.  The work on the present car, a 4,000bhp modified 1972 Vauxhall VX4/90 FD VXR spec took three years.  It is taxed, insured and can be legally driven on the street. In establishing the European record it reached a top speed of 250.9mph over a mile covering the distance in 6.02 seconds.

Neil is holder of the European, British and Commonwealth bicycle speed record of 149mph. He is a 44-year-old architect now wants to ride faster than the 183mph world record!  For the record attempt he will be on a £10,000 custom built bike and this is the culmination of over 20 years work by Neil and his team.

What: World cycle speed record attempt announcement and photocall
When: From 11.00am 28th December 2018.
Where: Penn Autos, Springhill Lane, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4SH England

To get a sense of this story here is a link to some photos

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Friday, 16 November 2018

Postcard world record in the Swiss Alps launching Global youth climate movement

An event to boost a global youth climate movement ahead of the next global climate conference (COP24) in Poland to take place in December 2018.  To attract attention we are doing a postcard World record attempt which will take place on Friday 16 November 2018 at Aletsch glacier, Jungfraujoch, Swiss Alps.  Involving the creation of the largest composed postcard, made from tens of thousands of cards from young people from around the world committing to climate change allocation action.

The record attempt will involve the creation of a giant compound postcard made from over 100,000 standard sized cards covering a surface of about 2500 m2. Through a special arrangement of some coloured cards two giant key messages will be visible: “Stop global warming 1.5°C" and “"We are the future – give us a chance”.  

The campaign will involve: 
  • Getting young people to provide a card for the the world record and to make a personal commitment fight climate change in their day to day activities
  • Mobilise youth to send policy and decision makers all over the world key messages extracted from the postcards to motivate them to act against climate change
  • In a subsequent phase the initiative intends to support the implementation of collective commitments such as from entire schools to green their environment and to track progress
What: World record attempt to create the largest compound postcard ever
Where:  Aletsch glacier, Valais, Switzerland
When: around noon 16 November 2018 subject to weather conditions

This event was initiated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) together with WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) 

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Motorcycle world speed record attempt near York - 15 & 16 Sept. 2018

A French team will be going for a number of Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) 500cc motorbike land speed world records on a prototype bike at an event near York 15 & 16 Sept. 2018.  This will be on their custom built bike as part of Straightliners Autumn "Top Speed Weekend.  At this event some of the most powerful bikes and other vehicles from around the UK and Europe attempt to break UK and World land speed records. The some of the other top bikes will be hitting the 200mph mark - last year the winner did just over 203mph over a mile flying start. They also do kilometre speeds.  

The team from Normandy is composed of six apprentice engineers, who recently qualified at l'ITII Normandie, and a European motorcycle champion Katy Calmon.  They started their project three years ago and have designed and built this innovative bike form scratch. Its stylish looking fairing and body designed for optimum aerodynamic. There project is supported by more than 40 businesses, individuals and schools. They are specifically aiming to break the 1 kilometre speed record of 103.913 mph / 167.233 km/h.

Straightliners  "Top Speed Weekend" is similar to the famous Bonneville land speed events in the US only lower cost and more convenient for Europeans. It takes place on the 15th and 16th September at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England. Spectator admission is £10 paid at the gate under 16's are free. 
While Straightliners make great efforts to have it's events open to all, this event is regulated by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). To compete for a national record participants must hold an ACU race licence, pass official scrutineering (safety controls) and be a Straighteners Events member. This event is open to all bikes, cars, mono-wheels and three wheelers. All speed attempts by competitors are electronically timed, recorded and published by the UK Timing Association (UKTA). They can be submitted to the various speed record bodies such as Guinness World Records.

What: Straightliners  "Top Speed Weekend"
When: 15th & 16th September 2018
Where: Elvington Airfield, Halifax Way, Elvington, North Yorkshire, YO41 4AU. 

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Friday, 31 August 2018

Global youth climate movement start on Alps longest glacier with World record attempt

A new world record attempt on Alps longest deepest glacier with World record attempt aims to kick off a global youth climate movement.  Involving the creation of the largest postcard and initiated by the ‘Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’ (SDC) together with WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) the aim is to assist young people from across the world to raise their voices about climate change.    It is set to take place in one of the most spectacular places in the world  Aletsch glacier, Switzerland on the 30th of October subject to weather conditions.

The world record attempt will involve creating the largest postcard made up of at least 100,000 standard sized postcards. Each individual postcard will have a written commitment from a young person stating that they will make an effort to alleviate the negative effects of climate change. SDC is arranging with Swiss embassies and consulates around the world to gather postcards from many countries so that this record attempt will be truly international.

This event will take place at one of the most unique locations in the world the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland – the longest and deepest glacier of the Alps.  With its unpredictable weather conditions and inaccessible location the world record is presenting the organisers with major logistical problems.  Junfrau Railway has come to the aid of the project with an offer to transport participants 3,454 metres up to Europe’s highest altitude railway station.

As well as individual messages an additional simple but key message will be spelled out using green postcards that say ‘We are the future – give us a chance. , Stop global warming 1.5°C’. This will be visible from high above the event. In addition, to boost the impact of the event  key messages will be drawn from the postcards and will be sent to major policy and decision makers all over the world. This will include the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. António Gutteres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Ms. Patricia Espinosa, the Heads of States from all the countries that will have provided postcards, as well as all Members of the Swiss Parliament.

This record attempt follows the ‘World Advanced Vehicle Expedition’ (WAVE) led by Louis Palmer successful attempt to compose the largest postcard during COP22 in Marrakech in 2016 featuring over 50’000 postcards.  For schools that need support getting involved in this world record attempt we can provide blank postcards and colour pencils. They will be made available at Swiss embassies or consulates that will also send completed postcards to us in Switzerland.


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Monday, 25 June 2018

Brit breaks 127mph+ European bicycle speed record

Neil Campbell broke the European cycling speed record hitting 217.7kph at Straightliners Top Speed event at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England Tuesday 19 June 2018.  

The holder of the British bicycle speed record of 114mph from peddling only, Neil Campbell, went one further and broke the European record.  Neil, a 42-year-old architect  rode faster than the current 127 mph record!  For the record attempt he was on a £10,000 custom built bike and this is the culmination of over 20 years work by Neil and his team. 

This record attempt was supervised and officially timed by the UK Timing Association a division of Straightliners which organises speed record events, mainly automotive, around the UK.  Neil rides in motorcycle leathers and a crash helmet behind a pace car which a space of least resistance or him as he pedals furiously. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Electric truck, 3-wheeler & concept car + regular electric vehicles (EV) on worlds biggest EV rally

As usual the WAVE Trophy, the world's biggest electric vehicle (EV) rally is attracting a whole range of unusual EVs and development projects. These include an electric truck, a three wheeler and new super car which will all the conventional EVs and e-bikes on this years rally through Switzerland. This fits in with the WAVE Trophy wider goals of showing of new and unconventional EV technology, raising awareness of green transport and promoting sustainable living.

Crowdcar concept EV from Germany
The WAVE Trophy will bring together conventional and wacky electric vehicles (EV) from 10 countries. EV teams will travelling 1,200km through some of the most dramatic scenery in Switzerland competing for various trophies, meeting environmental projects and promoting EV / sustainable transport in the cities and towns they will stop from the 8th to the 16th of June.
  • Crowdcar is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded concept lightweight EV with a range of 100 km and maximum speed 80 km / h is from a German team. It is being developed with limited resources "to create, make, build, hack, learn, invent and (prototypically) realise new concepts, visions and software especially in the field of transportation and mobility."
  • The Swiss built E Force electric heavy duty truck is a converted IVECO Stralis with a range of 300 km and maximum speed 120 km / h which is designed to help companies meet their environmental goals and perfect for urban delivery because of its near silent operation
  • Three wheeler is a converted Piaggio Ape Classic 400 which is iconic and highly practical transport vehicle for narrow city streets. It is a converted one-cylinder diesel which has a 6kw 48V electric motor. 
  • Siemens Bull E VW van a converted 1979 Volkswagen Transport van T2 with a range of 200 km and maximum speed 120 km / h. It is also packed with technology to educate and advise people and business how to convert their buildings to renewable energy and sustainability. This is part of Siemens aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.
  • “Powerpiki” a Smart Roadster converted to electric by a team from Slovenia with a range of 280 km and maximum speed 160 km / h

View some of them here as well as photos of groups of WAVE Trophy EVs locations in previous times. ​

These will join a full range of conventional EVs such as Teslas, Renault Zoes, BMW i3s, Nissan Leafs, Johammer and Zero e-motorbikes and many e-bikes. In addition there will be unconventional classic / vintage conversions taking part

The Wave Trophy is in its eight year it will be bigger than ever and will travel through two different countries - Switzerland (8th to the 16th of June) and Austria (21st to the 29th of September) - at separate times for the first time. The reason for this is the demand for places has increased considerably and it seems we will have at least 50% more teams taking the number to more than 160.

Hundreds of EV enthusiasts from many countries will travel 1,200 kilometres over eight days through mountain passes and the most spectacular sights of the Alps, As well as an adventurous holiday the WAVE Trophy participants will visit interesting towns, green companies and schools. Also it is an opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge about electric vehicles, to network and socialise.

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Monday, 14 May 2018

One of Europe's top UCI MTB events taking place in Belgium

The Open race of one of the hardest mountainbike races in Europe and top MTB event in the Benelux the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge (BeMC) 2018 is full already. Registration opened last week (1 November 2017) and the BeMC Open was sold out in 11 hours. Entries for BeMC UCI for Elite and U23 riders are still open! 

BeMC is an International Cycling Federation / Union Cycliste Internationale (UCIXCS class 1 status event where 600 riders from over 20 countries race over three days, from the 11th to the 13th May, covering 260 Km / 8,000 altitude metres in La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium. Next year even riders from as far as Australia, Brazil and South-Africa will join the race.

BeMC stands out from similar events with its great atmosphere, tough and demanding course and very reasonable cost - approx. €400 including accommodation. This makes it one of the most popular mountain bike events in Europe as a result it has doubled in size since it started six years ago. It is one of the biggest UCI stage race for individual mountainbikers in the world.  The route of the BeMC 2018 contains some course changes. There is a completely new first stage towards Erezée and also the second stage is largely redesigned. The last stage stays more or less the same as this year. The double ascent of the "Wall of Borzée” in stage 3 has become a classic in the BeMC for several years now. Because riders can't seem to get enough of it, it has been added for a third time for 2018, albeit in the opposite direction this time! Here are the details:

Stage 1 : La Roche - Erezée - La Roche : 84 km (2.450 m+)
Stage 2 : La Roche - Bertogne - La Roche : 100 km (3.050 m+)
Stage 3 : La Roche - La Roche : 75 km (2.525 m+)

BeMC organiser, Koenraad Vanschoren is a serious amateur mountain biker but by day a government lawyer.  Being a lawyer he focuses on rules, regulations and detail. As a result he has become an expert in all things UCI MTB - rules, courses, equipment and how competitors can prepare. In fact he organises other UCI MTB and road cycling events in Germany, Austria and Australia and the Middle East because of his expertise. Talking about the event said “We are proud to be able to organize such a top-level event. Worldwide, there are only two other similar races for individual riders ranked like this! When entries opened, at midnight, after less than 10 minutes already 100 riders signed up for the race. We reached the 200 riders mark early in the morning (around 6 a.m.) and from that point on it went really fast. Around 11 a.m. the BeMC Open was sold out and were almost a quarter of the tickets in BeMC UCI gone". Speaking about making a cycling event successful he believes "it is very important as an organiser to have a feeling with the racecourse. That's why I never organise a race without having seen the whole course myself often on my bike." He also said "I don't want to organise just any race, I want to organise the best race possible and always continue to improve or find other challenges." 

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Monday, 7 May 2018

World’s first aircraft Short Take Off & Landing competition on sand announced

Precision, if some times hair-raising, aviation action and visually stunning vintage biplanes expected!

The World’s first aircraft Short Take Off & Landing (STOL) competition on sand is set to take place in Belgium in the Summer. Organised by one of the world’s top aviation adventure companies it is expected to attract pilots from all over the globe and establish some new world records. This first event, the VintageAirRally International STOL Competition'  will be attended by thousands of spectators who will witness some hair-raising if not gut-wrenching flying on this unusual day out on the beach! 

The 'VintageAirRally International STOL Competition' will take place on the beach of the fashionable spa town of Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Pilots will engage in precision if some times hair-raising landing and take off manoeuvres with the shortest distance the winner. The ultimate goal is to establish some new world records at this spectacular aviation event!

Set to take place from the 14th to 17th June 2018, this world’s first ever vintage STOL competition is not only for modern specialised 'bush planes' it is also for the iconic visually stunning vintage biplanes.  The STOL aircraft taking part are designed to land where there is essentially little or no runway. And while the pilots and planes will be used to the rough and tumble of bush flying they will have relatively smooth landings on the sand of a fine Belgian beach.

Throughout the event there will be exhibitors on the beachfront at Knokke-Heist for competitors and the thousands of spectators expected to attend the event. VintageAirRally will also establish a temporary exclusive ‘Pilot’s Club’ on the sand. The Pilots’ Club will be holding a series of events during both the day and the evenings with guest speakers from the world of aviation in Belgium and around the world.

There will be numerous categories for entries from vintage biplanes last seen in action in the 1920’s and 30s to up-to-date aircraft (“bush planes”) that can land in wildest locations. The winner of each category will be awarded a prize at this first ever STOL and beach landing competition in Belgium.  This event is organised with the assistance of Knokke-Heist Municipality & Tourism.

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Key dates14 June, Set-up, first qualifier rounds, installation of exhibitors.
15 June, Second Qualifier rounds.
16 June, Vintage biplane competition, and other category competitions (TBA). The day finishes with the top five biplanes landing on the Royal Zoute Golf Course.
17 June, Remaining competition categories (TBA) and closes with a prize giving cocktail at the Pilots’ Club.

Competition categories

  1. Vintage Biplane (pre 1959)
  1. Vintage Monoplane (pre 1959)
  1. Biplane >750KG
  1. Monoplane >750KG
  1. Aeroplane >500KG <751KG
  1. 3-Axis Aeroplane <501KG
  1. Turbine
  1. Electric
  1. Overall Winner (combined with another category)

Additional prize categories

  1. Youngest pilot
  1. Oldest pilot
  1. Oldest plane (date of first registration)
  1. Biggest plane (Maximum Take Off Weight)
  1. Furthest travelled (state of residence of pilot)
  1. Most Facebook likes (on the post about their team on the VintageAirRally Facebook page)

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

UK 'sand speed" motorbike record up for grabs at Pendine speed event

Straightliners, European and World sand / land speed event at Pendine Sands, South Wales is taking place on the 12th & 13th May 2018.  Of particular note is some of the most powerful street legal motorbikes will attempt to break the 200mph barrier on the sand which will establish a new UK record. 

At this event participants and spectators will see a range of motorbikes,  karts, three wheelers and maybe even a shed in action.  All runs will be officially timed and submitted for verification as a UK, European and or World land speed record. I don't know what vehicles / bikes of note that will be coming yet -  

Straightliners Pendine event is the European version of the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA speed record meeting but without the very high cost of getting there for Europeans. 

What: Straightliners Pendine land speed records and racing
When:  From 11am 12th & 13th May 2018
Where: Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

About Straightliners 
Straightliners organise over 40 events automotive top speed, drag and wheelie events around the UK. It makes great efforts to have it's events open to all, this event is regulated by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). To compete for a national record participants must hold an ACU licence, pass official scrutineering and be a Straighteners Events member. For those not going for records they do not need an ACU licence but they just need to sign up for this event as it is open to all bikes, cars, mono-wheels and three wheelers.

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Saturday, 7 April 2018

New and unique ultimate performance car and bike event at Jurby in April

Straightliners have announced a new ultimate performance car and bike event at Jurby Airfield for 2018.  Titled 'Race the Rock' is set to take place the first weekend in early April.  Your are guaranteed passion and lots of horse power at 'Race the Rock' in fact there is no other event like it in the United Kingdom

You can expect plenty of noise, smoke and top action as powerful drag cars and bikes take to the recently resurfaced strip and revamped venue.  The new track went down a storm with drag racing fans, racers and officials at Straightliners events there last year. This new event can be as competitive or as free and easy as drivers want.

For all you modified car people Straightliners Race the Rock is offering you four days of track action 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th April.  The details are as follows:
  • Saturday the 7th April Drag racing ( all vehicles welcome)
  • Sunday the 8th Drag Racing and show ( all vehicles welcome) and the World famous Purple Helmets will be performing on the drag strip at 1pm
  • Monday the 9th Track day Jurby Airfield with individual timed lap ( cars only)
  • Tuesday the 10th side by side top speed runs over the 1/2 mile Jurby Airfield main runway (cars and bikes)
  • Tuesday evening prize presentation 

Speaking about this new and exciting event Straightliners founder Trevor Duckworth said "As well as fantastic track action spectators and participants can take some time out at the Jurby Motor Museum (JMM).  We have teamed up with JMM to stage this event and we hope to make Race the Rock an annual attraction to the Isle of Man for motorsports fans.  We are also expecting to attract many motorsport fans and competitors from the UK and Ireland. In fact we already have interest from some of the Top car clubs in the UK"

There are a variety of travel, competitor and spectator packages available. Details from Straightliners.  

What: Straightliners 'Race the Rock'
When: 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th April. 2018
Where: Jurby Airfield, Ballavarran Rd, Isle of Man.

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