Sunday, 11 November 2012

Emergency communications charity working on Sandy recovery

Emergency communications charity has been brought into work on Hurricane Sandy recovery in the north eastern US. Disaster Tech Lab was asked to aid relief work in New York area following hurricane Sandy. 
Fire damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy

When disaster strikes hundreds of relief workers and their equipment arrive but are faced with little or no local telecommunications support.  This can lead to chaotic scenes resulting in loss of life and waste of resources. Because of their experience in these situations Disaster Tech Lab were asked by government agency FEMA to build wireless networks in 15 more locations.

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Worlds longest scuba dive record attempt offers many dangers but no toilet breaks!

Hypothermia is among the dangers that will be faced by the man who is attempting to reclaim the world record for the longest open cold salt-water scuba dive. Tuesday next (9th October 2012) in the cold Atlantic on the wild west coast of Ireland Paul Devane, will step into the ocean planning to stay there for 15 hours. For the duration there will be no breaks of any kind – no meals not even a toilet break! 

What sets this dive apart is that it takes place in open sea rather than an aquarium or pool.  In the uncontrolled natural environment and Paul and his support team of divers will be exposed to the elements and a water temperature of less than 15 degrees Celsius. While in the water Paul, a 33-year-old self-employed Irish man, will not be permitted to break the surface of the water for the duration of the attempt.  

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Aussie Invader team launches World Land Speed Record campaign in Sydney

Land speed record team, Aussie Invader, today officially launched its campaign to beat the World Land Speed Record at the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) in Sydney.

The team unveiled key components for their rocket-powered title contender Aussie Invader 5R including the world’s fastest wheel, capable of breaking the 1000 mph barrier (1,600km/h) and the rocket engine’s liquid oxygen and bio-kerosene injector interface system, a key component of the 200,000hp rocket motor.

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Health support website gets boost from worldwide aviation adventurer

Stomawise which supports people who have undergone abdominal surgery has got a boost from a worldwide aviation adventurer. Norman Surplus who is attempting to be the first person to fly an autogyro around the world is taking a Stomawise ‘passenger’ as part of his work to raise awareness of bowel cancer and ostomy surgery on his travels.

Currently in Japan and after flying solo half way round the world, Norman greeted Stomawise puppet ‘Dougie’ also known as a Gastronaut.  Surplus gave him a guided tour of the open cockpit aircraft that has already seen quite a few adventures in the 13,000 miles (21,000km) of travel across Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Sub-continent and SE Asia. 

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

10 month Russian hold up puts pioneering UK world flight in doubt

A UK pilot’s world record gyrocopter flight is in doubt as Russian authorities have delayed permission to enter their airspace for 10 months. Cancer survivor and green entrepreneur Norman Surplus has already traversed 18 countries and broken numerous FAI World Records in his bid to be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a gyrocopter. If the Russian Civil Aviation Authorities do not give the green light soon Norman’s chance of crossing the Bering Sea, the next stage after Russia, will be lost due to the short Arctic summer.

The 49-year-old adventurer from Larne, Northern Ireland has already flown his tiny, five metre long craft half way around the world crossing some of the world’s most hostile environments. He has been forced to wait very patiently in Japan since late July last year for the Russian Civil Aviation Authority. The have been ‘processing’ his onward flight permission - an administration process that is normally supposed to take only 14 days. He needs to make a transit through the Far Eastern Region of Russia from Vladivostok to reach the Bering Sea and fly onwards into Alaska.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Disaster relief quick response comms kit put to the test at US Dept. of Defence event

Disaster Tech Lab, the charity which leads the world in setting up emergency communications, is to test its latest quick response communications kit in a US Dept. of Defence event. Historically when disaster strikes thousands of relief workers and their equipment arrive but are faced with little or no local telecommunications support.  This can lead to chaotic scenes resulting in loss of life and waste of resources. Disaster Tech Lab equipment and expert volunteers, allows relief workers to coordinate their work more effectively by giving them access to disaster response specific data, email, internet and Skype.

Disaster Tech Lab, which developed from work carried out during the Haiti earthquake, will be supporting the activities of humanitarian practitioners, technology developers, federal civilians and military personnel.  These include 52 organisations participating in disaster response exercise the Joint Interagency Field Exploration / Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency First Responders (JIFX / RELIEF) that is taking place next week (February 11 - 15) at Camp Roberts, California. Disaster Tech Lab is testing its latest techniques on how to manage large-scale Wifi deployments in disaster zones. Its participation in JIFX will be supported by four US based tech volunteers and its long-term sponsor Aruba Networks.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Good news newspaper about inner city youth achievement

The North East Inner City of Dublin(NEIC), similar to other disadvantaged communities throughout Ireland, has been the subject of plenty of sensational media headlines, misrepresentation and down right inaccuracies over the past few decades. The media have a habit of profiling young people as disaffected and disengaged. This builds up the notion within wider Irish society of 'youth in trouble' or even that ‘young people are trouble'. 

There appears to be little recognition in the media and wider society that young people are struggling to live in a time when society is changing at an amazing pace.  This is putting increased pressure on family, community, education and the work life of young people. Coupled with this is the economic crisis with its inevitable cutbacks to youth and other services that are in greatest need at present and diminishing employment prospects.

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