Wednesday, 20 April 2016

£350,000 helicopter engined motorbike wants to break own world record

Straightliners will host its usual May speed event in 2016 but this year it will stretch to a week. There will be speed events at Elvington, North Yorkshire and Pendine in South Wales. At these events participants and spectators will see some of the most powerful motorbikes and cars in the UK in action. They may even be some weird and wonderful four wheel vehicles including mono wheels and two and four wheel jet vehicles as they all attempt to break British, European and world speed records.

Zef Eisenberg & his turbine bike in action at Straightliners Events Pendine Sands speed event 2015 (photo Becci Ellis)
Leading the charge at Elvington will be Guernsey business man Zeff Eisenberg on his world record breaking £350,000 helicopter engined MADMAX Turbine motorbike. It is the world's fastest turbine powered motorbike reaching 233.5 mph over a standing mile in May 2015. The reason for this considerable investment is the Rolls Royce turbine, which requires specialist tools, attention, safety and care. Zeff, a 43 year old father of two, and his team took four years to design, build and get to where it can set or break world speed records. As well as the turbine bike the 'MADMAX Race TEAM' has produced a range of other unique vehicles and bikes and their is funded based of Zeff's previous business success. Speaking about the work of the team he said "I get a lot of pleasure out of creating crazy machines that deliver in the real world. We don't make anything just for looks - Vehicles that looks great and deliver results - is our goal!"

Also present at Elvington will the the ubiquitous 'Fastest shed in the world' driven by designer / builder from Oxford Kevin Nicks. You can see Kevin and the shed in action here

While Straightliners make great efforts to have it's events open to all, this event is regulated by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). To compete for a national record participants must hold an ACU licence, pass official scrutineering and be a Straighteners Events member. For those not going for records they do not need an ACU licence but they just need to sign up for this event as it is open to all bikes, cars, mono-wheels and three wheelers. Sign up for Straighteners membership here

The dates are as follows:
  • Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire 14th May 
  • Pendine Sands, Wales - 21st & 22nd May
Participant entry fee per day is £150 and an extra machine per day is £50. Discounts are available for multiple day entries. People should go to this link to enter as a participant for any of the Speed Week events

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· Team MadMax Turbine powered carbon (streetfighter) motorbike fully road legal &
· Road registered
· Rolls Royce Allison C20B Shah Turbine from an Augusta 109 Helicopter providing 540hp/480lb1t@ 6000rpm. Runs on regular Diesel/Xerosene/Jel-A
· Bespoke ECU Motec solution with auto-engine start and power/accessory/sensor controller with digital LCD dash, with DOT LED light headlight and rear lights ·
· Bendix helicopter FCU (fuel control unit)
· Handmade steel form shaped and ceramic coaled with additional heat shield
· Handmade single speed Fl carbon fibre high torque clutch and bevel gearbox specially made to cope with 1000lbft of torque!
· Handmade one off aluminium box frame.
· Handmade one off aluminium box design, with concentric swingarm allowing greater anti-squat to keep the 1ronl wheel down under hard acceleration.
· Marzocchi RAC-SO BSB superbike race forks with one off springs and set up, with one off designed step down CNC triple trees.
· Hand made carbon fibre, with satin finish
· Front wheel & brakes: I 20nO/l 7 BST Carbon wheel and special 6 pot black anodized ISR mono block callipers on twin 320mm discs
· Rear wheel & brakes: Special high torque 240/40/18 BST Carbon wheel and mini 6 pot alloy ISR monoblock on a 320mm disc. Running Conti Race attack custom 240/40/l 8 Race tyres.
· Handmade carbon fibre with satin finish.
· Hand made carbon / Kevlar tank with ballistic bottom covering the turbine, holding 32 litres.
· 233.5 mph over a standing mile – Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England May 2015
· The world's fastest turbine powered motorbike

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

World Motorcycle Wheelie Championship 2016 practice - maybe a rocket vehicle in action!

The official practice for the World Wheelie Championship some travelling at over 200mph is taking place on the 12th. April at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire. In addition there will be some unusual vehicles there - maybe a rocket vehicle in action!

This is taking place for the announcement of Straightliners Events automotive programme for 2016 which has over 40 events across the UK. During the practice, which include top speed motorbikers, participants will be officially timed in case anybody breaks a UK or world record

We will be releasing additional details, photos and video related to the top five of over 40 events Straighteners are organising in 2016.  These are:
  1. The historic natural speedway of Pendine Sands, Wales speed event (21st & 22nd May) which brings out two and four wheel rocket vehicles amongst others attempting world, European and UK speed records. The dates are as follows:
    • Pembrey Sands 17th and 18th May 
    • Pembrey Airport 19th May
    • Pendine Sands (21st & 22nd May)
  2. Ramsey Sprint, Isle of Man (June 5th & 7th) - the only place a non-professional biker can race legally during the famous TT and Manx Grand Prix with classes for all bikes just turn up and enter on the day
  3. Ten of the Best (TOTB) (30th-31st July), is a performance road car event aimed at finding the best all round car and drivers in Europe. Handling (sharp cornering, acceleration and braking), top speed and a 1/4m drag strip are used to determine the best of the best, Ten Of The Best!. Takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire. 
  4. The motorbike Wheelie World Championship (August 20th and 21st.) where the rider that travels the fastest, usually over 200MPH, in the wheelie position for a kilometre is the winner. Takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire. 
  5. Weird and wonderful self designed / built vehicles attempt to establish world, European and UK speed records at the main Top Speed weekend. Rumour has it that a jet power hearse, a motorised portaloo and snowmobile retrofitted for hard surfaces will perform! Takes place Sept. 17th & 18th. Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.
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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Participants in the WAVE Trophy EV Rally 2016

Some of the great participants in the WAVE Trophy electric vehicle (EV). Hundreds of EV enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in Bremerhaven, Germany for the start of the worlds biggest EV rally for sustainable transport in June. EV teams with travel 1,000 miles / 1,600 km through three countries (Germany, France & Switzerland). Media enquiries to worldreachpr @